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Coating saves Edison $750,000 in downtime

Issue 5 and Volume 100.

Coating saves Edison $750,000 in downtime

When a servomotor shaft on a wicket gate at one of Southern California Edison`s outlying power generation stations became severely damaged, it shut down the facility. The utility stood to lose $40,000 a day. The damage prevented actuation of the gate, an integral part of the hydroelectric turbine generator.

Conventional welding repairs were considered, but dismissed when engineers discovered it would take more than three weeks to receive the needed parts. The engineers then turned to Belzona for assistance. A Belzona consultant was flown via helicopter to the site, arriving in less than two hours. Two deep gouges were present on opposite sides of the 1-foot-diameter shaft, each approximately 1 inch wide, 5 inches long and one-quarter inch deep.

Facility engineers used a torch to sweat out any impregnated oil then squared off the ends of the scores with a drill. Belzona 1221 Super E-Metal was chosen for the repair because it has a quick cure time and strong adhesion.

After thoroughly cleaning the damaged areas, approximately $25 worth of the Super E-Metal was used to fill both gouges. Less than two days later, the plant was back on-line. Utility executives estimate that the quick repair saved the company more than $750,000 in downtime alone.

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