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Gas turbines have ally in Washington

Issue 2 and Volume 100.


Gas turbines have ally in Washington

Gas turbine manufacturers and users have a new ally in Washington–the Gas Turbine Association (GTA). The association will maintain a registered lobbyist in Washington, D.C., as it strives to break through the uncertainties of impending deregulation. Buyers are hesitant to purchase equipment with the future so uncertain, and that is hurting the sales of GTA members, according to William Day of United Technologies Corp., GTA chairman. During an interview at POWER-GEN Americas, Day said the GTA was formed to give industrial gas turbine manufacturers and users a voice, to act as a clearinghouse for information and to act as a catalyst in the fight to settle deregulation issues.

The GTA plans to focus on expanding the worldwide market for gas turbines through enhancing product and project insurability, improving export financing opportunities and influencing the creation of a regulatory environment that facilitates the installation of gas turbine projects.

Association members include gas turbine designers, manufacturers, sellers, assemblers and packagers, service providers and manufacturers, and more. Founding members include: ABB Power Generation, Allison Engine Co., Rolls Royce Inc., Siemens Power Corp. and Westinghouse Electric Corp.

More information on the GTAis available from Jeff Abboud,executive director, 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1008, Arlington, Va. 22209. Telephone (703) 524-7616, fax (703) 812-8743 or [email protected] (e-mail).