EEI, AGA form education group

Issue 2 and Volume 100.


EEI, AGA form education group

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the American Gas Association (AGA) have formed the Utility/Business Education Coalition (UBEC) to mobilize utilities throughout the country to lead community-level efforts to strengthen public education. UBEC is a nonprofit organization, with members including electric, gas, water and telephone utilities as well as other community-focused organizations.

“America`s utility companies and other community businesses are uniquely dependent on the economies of the geographic areas in which they operate and the quality of the community resources, especially the work force,” said Richard L. Bunn, UGI Utilities Inc. president and CEO. Bunn is chairman of the UBEC board of directors and Daniel Bollom, Wisconsin Public Service Corp. president and CEO, is UBEC vice chairman. Other board members include: Michael Baly, AGA president and CEO; Thomas R. Kuhn, EEI president; and Daniel Merenda, National Association of Partners in Education president. Seven C. Kussman, director of AGA`s Education 2000 initiative since 1990, is UBEC`s new executive director.

“The coalition`s initial objective will be to build coalitions with community and education leaders in order to create a positive learning environment so that everyone understands the specific skills that students must master to be successful in education, employment and citizenship,” Kuhn said. “The coalition will also work to increase public awareness of today`s workplace challenges and tomorrow`s economic opportunities.”