Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear

Coals reign continues

Issue 10 and Volume 99.

Coal`s reign continues

Coal will remain the dominant fuel for electric power generation through at least the year 2004, according to the North American Electric Reliability Council`s Electricity Supply & Demand 1995-2004. Coal will generate 57 percent of the nation`s electricity in 1995, with oil and gas combining for 11.5 percent. Nuclear accounts for 22.4 percent and hydro produces 8.7 percent.

The council projects coal will slip to 55.8 percent by 2004, as oil and gas increase to 14.6 percent. Other fuel projections include: nuclear, 20.1 percent; hydro, 7.6 percent; and others, 1.9 percent. Utility coal use is expected to increase from 828.7 million tons in 1995 to 923.7 million tons in 2004.