Nuclear power holds steady

Issue 4 and Volume 99.

Nuclear power holds steady

Nuclear power?s share of worldwide electricity generation grew from 22 percent in 1992 to 26 percent in 1993, according to the U.S. Department of Energy?s Energy Information Administration?s (EIA) World Nuclear Outlook 1994. According to the report, growth is projected to continue in the near term.

World Nuclear Outlook states that at the end of 1993 430 nuclear units, with a capacity of 338 GWe, were used for generating electricity in 30 countries. In 1992 there were 424 units with 331 GWe of capacity. Nuclear power use is expected to expand over the next decade.

Copies of the World Nuclear Outlook 1994 are available from EIA?s National Energy Information Center at (202) 586-8800.