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Elder Smith Station clean air project completed

Issue 3 and Volume 99.

Elder Smith Station clean air project completed

Owensboro Municipal Utilities? (OMU) clean air project at its Elmer Smith Station is nearing completion. The newly installed scrubber system achieved first flue gas treatment on November 4, 1994 for Unit 1 and both units are now operational. The scrubber installation is part of the clean air project that OMU began at the two-unit, 441-MW coal-fired station in 1989 when Clean Air Act compliance was initiated.

The project brings the station into full compliance with the Clean Air Act Amendment SO2 and NOx emission requirements while allowing the station to fire affordable regional high-sulfur coal.

Sargent & Lundy is the architect-engineer for the project which included retrofitting a wet flue gas desulfurization system common to both units. Unit 1 is a cyclone-fired unit, with a gross capacity of 151 MW. Unit 2 is a tangentially-fired pulverized coal unit with a gross capacity of 290 MW.

Sargent & Lundy provided design and procurement for the project, including sitework, foundations, buildings, electrical facilities, control system hardware and construction management and startup services for the project.