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Cycle chemistry guidelines available

Issue 3 and Volume 99.

Cycle chemistry guidelines available

Impurities in the water-steam cycle of fossil-fired power plants can lead to corrosion and deposit formation in boilers, turbines, feedwater heaters and condensers. In the mid 1980s the Environmental Protection Research Institute (EPRI) issued interim cycle chemistry guidelines for controlling these impurities with phosphate treatment and all-volatile treatment (AVT). EPRI has recently issued new guidelines that reflect researcher?s greater understanding of oxygenated treatment (OT) and phosphate treatment guidelines.

Utilities that have switched to the OT report have reduced feedwater cycle corrosion products, savings in treatment chemicals, and reduced the need for chemical cleaning.

In mid-1995 EPRI will publish a report on international experience with caustic treatment. For more information on the oxygenated treatment guidelines, Cycle Chemistry Guidelines for Fossil Plants: Oxygenated Treatment (TR-102285), and the phosphate treatment guidelines, Cycle Chemistry Guidelines for Fossil Plants: Phosphate Treatment for Drum Units (TR-103665), contact Barry Dooley at (415) 855-2458