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UDI report highlights low-cost power plants

Issue 2 and Volume 99.

UDI report highlights low-cost power plants

According to an analysis by Utility Data Institute (UDI), coal-fired power plants west of the Mississippi River burning low-sulfur coal are the least-cost producers of electricity in the United States. The U.S. Steam-Electric Plants: Five-Year Production Costs 1989-1993 confirmed the data for 707 power plants producing 85 percent of U.S. electric utility output. The report details $267 billion in expenses incurred for operations, maintenance and fuel during the last five years by 402 coal-fired plants, 173 gas-fired plants, 55 oil-fired plants, 66 nuclear power plants and 11 plants burning other fuels. Five years of expense data are shown for each plant and a five-year average is calculated for each category.

The top five low-cost producers of electricity, ranked on a five-year average cost including fuel, were: Laramie River, a 1,710-MW coal-fired plant operated by Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Wheatland, Wyo.; MR Young, a 673-MW coal-fired plant operated by Minnkota Power Cooperative in Center, N.D.; Dave Johnston, an 817-MW coal-fired plant operated by Pacificorp in Glen Rock, Wyo.; Coal Creek, an 1,100-MW coal-fired plant operated by Cooperative Power Association in Underwood, N.D.; and Nebraska City, a 616-MW coal-fired plant operated by Omaha Public Power District in Nebraska City, Neb.

The top 25 low-cost power plants include 20 coal-fired plants and five nuclear power plants. For a copy of the two-volume report, contact UDI at (800) 486-3660.