Dye dilution flow studies boost pump performance at Huntington

Issue 2 and Volume 99.

Dye dilution flow studies boost pump performance at Huntington

Southern California Edison?s Huntington Beach generating station recently underwent two sets of dye dilution flow studies on its Unit 2 circulating water pumps. Testing was conducted by Dye Flow Technologies. The first tests evaluated the full-flow performance of the two pumps and identified deficiencies requiring maintenance (see graph). Results revealed flow rates substantially below the manufacturer?s flow curve when graphed with the head generated during the test.

Based on these results, the impeller-to-housing clearance of the pumps was measured and adjusted to meet the manufacturer?s original tolerances. By reducing unit load during the night, one circulator at a time was shut off and adjusted by plant maintenance personnel.

Subsequent flow tests demonstrated improvements in both head and flow for both pumps, with increases of 4,680 gallons per minute on one pump and 3,800 gallons per minute on the other. Dye dilution flow testing quickly and accurately measured small increases in pump flow, allowing the Huntington Beach station to optimize total system flow with only minor pump adjustments.