New Long Life Lubricant for Engines Burning Sour


Shell Lubricants is introducing into the market, a new member to the Mysella range of Gas Engine Lubricants. The new product, currently named Shell Mysella SL1278, has been especially formulated for gas engines running on all types of biogas, including gas produced from biomass or manure, sewage gas, and landfill gas. In this paper Shell will present findings of the research that has been executed during its development. The paper describes the challenges that different qualities of biogas impose on the engine and the lubricating oil. It describes what properties a lubricating oil for biogas operation should ideally have, and different formulation routes to achieve these. The performance of different candidate formulations is presented in the form of field trail resuls. Finally, this paper explains which candidate has been chosen to become the new Shell Mysella SL1278 and how the performance of this oil will help the operator to reduce cost of operations.

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