Power Plant Water Treatment

Includes testing, remediation, chemicals, equipment and overall processes of power plant water treatment systems.

Water Treatment News

New water treatment system at Fukushima projected to increase capacity, cut radioactive waste by 90 percent

10/21/2014 A new high-performance water treatment system has begun testing at the F...

GE announces technology to generate renewable energy from wastewater

09/29/2014 GE (NYSE: GE) introduced the latest in membrane-based wastewater treatme...

Duke Energy to invest $10M to clean up waterways, Dan River area

09/25/2014 Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) has created a $10 million Water Resources Fund t...

EPRI licenses resin for nuclear power plant internal water streams

09/18/2014 EPRI entered into a license agreement with Purolite Corp. to manufacture...

Three waste management companies to soon sign Fukushima contracts

09/17/2014 Kurion Inc. is one of three companies that will sign a contract soon to ...

Video: SELC to file suits against three Duke Energy coal ash facilities

09/09/2014 The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) is filing lawsuits against ...

Oil spill reported near Beaver Valley nuclear power unit

09/09/2014 Less than 5 gallons of oil was spilled into the Ohio River from the Beav...

Feds say oil spill sheen dissipating in Ohio River

08/20/2014 Federal officials say most of a reddish-brown sheen from thousands of ga...

Water intake resumes after Ohio River oil spill

08/20/2014 Ohio and Kentucky water districts have resumed taking water from the Ohi...

Update: Duke Energy crews cleaning up Ohio River oil spill

08/20/2014 Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) workers made progress overnight after approximat...

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