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Report: Triple investment in clean energy to reach $1.2 trillion


A new report calls for investment in clean energy to be tripled to $1.2 trillion annually through 2030 to give more than one billion people worldwide access to electricity and help prevent global warming.

Tenth Annual Ocean Renewable Energy Conference Co-Located with HydroVision International


The Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) today announces that its 10th annual Ocean Renewable Energy Conference will be co-located this year with HydroVision International, the largest gathering of hydro professionals worldwide.

NY announces $160M in clean energy funding


New York state is investing $160 million in efforts to build and expand renewable energy projects around the state.

RWE, E.On losing money on fossil-fueled power plants


German utilities RWE and E.On released their 2014 Annual Earnings Statements, finding that the companies’ are not making a profit on its fossil-fueled power plants.

Obama orders 40% cut in government's greenhouse gases


President Barack Obama will order the federal government on Thursday to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by 40 percent, as the U.S. seeks to spur other nations to get serious about climate change.

Massachusetts AG Healey backs renewable energy efforts


State Attorney General Maura Healey says she wants to expand the state's use of solar power and other renewable energy sources.

Senate OKs bill giving utilities option on renewable energy


A bill that would give large electric utilities an alternative way to comply with a state law requiring more energy from renewable sources passed the Washington Senate on Monday night after a protracted fight over whether climate change is real and if humans contribute to it.

W.Va. GOP kicks off work by focusing on energy act repeal


West Virginia's Republican-led Legislature took first steps Thursday to repeal the state's renewable-energy standards, which power companies say won't cost more to meet, but coal interests have started to bemoan.

Obama urges world to follow US lead on climate


The only thing rising faster than heat-trapping gases Tuesday were the statements of urgency by world leaders, who told each other at a United Nations summit how seriously they take global warming.

EIA: Nuclear, hydroelectric leads no-carbon power generation in Europe


European countries have increased power generation from no-carbon sources from 50 percent to 56 percent between 2002 and 2012.

Marine energy R&D projects get $7.25mn from DOE


The U.S. Energy Department (DOE) awarded $7.25 million for six organizations that will advance marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) power generation technologies.

Seaming adhesive


Collection of new products for the power generation markets.

Walmart, HP, Facebook and GM want to change how renewable energy is purchased


More than a dozen U.S. companies have joined together to create an initiative that makes purchasing renewable energy from utilities more accessible, according to Computer World.

Florida university, Swedish company team to study tidal power


Swedish marine energy technology company Minesto signed a memorandum of understanding with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to examine the feasibility of commercial ocean tidal power plants off the coast of Florida.

Overcoming Technical Barriers


With 39 percent of the nation's population living in counties directly on the shoreline, the waves and tides of the world's oceans hold great promise for delivering significant amounts of clean energy.

Video: World's first ocean energy test site to be installed


The world's first offshore test site for small-scale ocean current turbines will soon be installed by Florida Atlantic University's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC).

Energy Department to invest $10M in wave energy technology at Navy’s Hawaii test site


The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has announced that it will invest $10 million to test prototypes designed to generate clean, renewable electricity from ocean waves.

Hydro tax credit extension approved by Senate committee


The U.S. Senate Finance Committee approved a bill Thursday that would extend tax credits for hydroelectric power.

Federal agencies ready approval for Deepwater Wind project


The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) intend to issue an incidental harassment authorization for the Deepwater Wind Block Island LLC project.

Lockheed Martin awarded contract for tidal turbines


Lockheed Martin has signed a contract with global tidal energy company Atlantis Resources Ltd. (ARL:LN) to optimize the design of Atlantis' new 1.5-MW tidal turbine, the AR1500.