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Hydro power news, products and articles about hydro power plants, hydroelectric dams, hydroelectric generators and micro hydropower for the renewable portfolio.

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Talen Energy Sells Natural Gas, Hydro Power Projects for $1.51 Billion

10/08/2015 The company will sell the 704-MW Ironwood combined-cycle natural gas-fir...

EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook: NatGas Generation Tops Coal in July

10/06/2015 For just the second time in history, gas-fired power generation surpasse...

Mule Train Used to Haul Equipment to Remote California Hydro Plant

09/29/2015 There are no roads leading to SMUD’s 688-MW Upper American River Project...

Mexico Had More Than 54 GW of Electric Generating Capacity in 2014

09/23/2015 Power generation is growing in Mexico with more than three-quarters of t...

Swedish Utility Vattenfall Sells German Coal Plants

09/22/2015 Vattenfall AB says it is selling off its German coal plants, a major sou...

Hydropower tops power generating sources in Canada, report says

08/04/2015 Hydropower will continue to be the dominant power generation source in C...

NY to give low-cost electricity to Amazon, Bausch & Lomb

07/31/2015 New York state is giving low-cost electricity to 15 businesses around th...

Corps of Engineers approves GGB bearings for hydropower turbines

07/28/2015 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has approved GGB Bearing Techno...

Hillary Clinton calls for dramatic increase in renewable power

07/27/2015 In a proposal released Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton announced that if...

In Iowa, Clinton says climate plan will promote renewables

07/27/2015 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says climate ch...

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