More Geothermal Power News

Phase 2 of Nevada Geothermal Power Plant Begins Commercial Operations


Ormat Technologies CEO Isaac Angel says the project in Mineral County, Nevada, which broke ground 10 months ago, is six months ahead of schedule. 

EXERGY Invests in Idaho Geothermal Project Walker Ranch Energy


EXERGY has announced its entrance into the U.S. Market with an investment in a new geothermal project in Malta, Idaho.

State Says Vermont Clean-Energy Sector Continues to Grow


Statistics compiled by the state show the "clean energy economy" grew by 6.2 percent last year.

Hillary Clinton calls for dramatic increase in renewable power


In a proposal released Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton announced that if she is elected president she will push for two national goals to combat climate change

In Iowa, Clinton says climate plan will promote renewables


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says climate change is real and people are "just not paying attention" if they don't acknowledge it.

GAO looks at reliability impacts of changing power generation mix


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) on June 29 released a study provided a month before to members of Congress that looks at how the mix of energy sources for electricity generation has changed, and the growth in electricity consumption has slowed.

Baseload Clean Energy Partners acquires Blue Mountain geothermal power plant


Baseload Clean Energy Partners (BCEP), owned and operated by AltaRock Energy, has announced it will acquire Blue Mountain Power LLC. Located in northern Nevada, Blue Mountain Power owns the 49.5-MW Faulkner 1 geothermal power plant, which supplies electricity to Nevada’s public utility, NV Energy.

Kansas governor signs deal on renewable energy mandates


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a compromise between the wind energy industry and critics of the state's green energy mandate.

Report: Triple investment in clean energy to reach $1.2 trillion


A new report calls for investment in clean energy to be tripled to $1.2 trillion annually through 2030 to give more than one billion people worldwide access to electricity and help prevent global warming.

Hawaii lawmakers mandate 100 percent renewable energy by 2045


Hawaii lawmakers voted 74-2 this week to pass the nation's first state-wide requirement for 100 percent renewable energy generation.  

UN climate chief says technology has changed carbon politics


Technological advances that have reduced prices and improved efficiency of renewable energy have helped transform the politics around climate change since 2009 when an attempt to forge a global deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions failed, the U.N. climate chief said Thursday.

DOE awards geothermal research grants in NV, UT, CA, ID, OR


The U.S. Energy Department awarded grants Monday to scientists in Nevada and four other western states to develop research for a national lab aimed at tapping hard-to-get-to geothermal energy they say someday could provide enough power to supply 100 million homes.

Lots of Potential, Still No Geothermal


With the international geothermal energy industry experiencing near record growth in 2014, it is curious that not a single megawatt of geothermal power is being produced in Canada.

NY announces $160M in clean energy funding


New York state is investing $160 million in efforts to build and expand renewable energy projects around the state.

RWE, E.On losing money on fossil-fueled power plants


German utilities RWE and E.On released their 2014 Annual Earnings Statements, finding that the companies’ are not making a profit on its fossil-fueled power plants.

Obama orders 40% cut in government's greenhouse gases


President Barack Obama will order the federal government on Thursday to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by 40 percent, as the U.S. seeks to spur other nations to get serious about climate change.

Massachusetts AG Healey backs renewable energy efforts


State Attorney General Maura Healey says she wants to expand the state's use of solar power and other renewable energy sources.

US, California modify area for renewable energy plants


The state and federal governments will move forward on less than half the California desert land initially designated for renewable energy plants, officials said Tuesday, leaving millions of acres in limbo as local governments decide how they want to handle large-scale solar, wind and geothermal projects.

Senate OKs bill giving utilities option on renewable energy


A bill that would give large electric utilities an alternative way to comply with a state law requiring more energy from renewable sources passed the Washington Senate on Monday night after a protracted fight over whether climate change is real and if humans contribute to it.

MHPS to deliver supercritical-pressure coal-fired boilers to Tanda Power Plant


L&T-MHPS Boilers Private Ltd., a joint venture between Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. (MHPS) and Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), will supply two 660-MW large-scale supercritical-pressure boilers for Tanda Power Plant's Units 1 and 2.