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Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters

07/24/2014 A U.S. science advisory report says Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident o...

Summer nuclear power plant automatically trips offline

07/23/2014 The single-unit V.C. Summer nuclear power plant in South Carolina trippe...

Security in an Emergent Threat Environment: Motivating Factors


Show me a 10-foot fence and I will show you an 11-foot ladder.

Torness nuclear unit returns to service

07/17/2014 Unit 1 at the Torness nuclear power plant in Scotland returned to servic...

Japanese nuclear plant deemed safe, nears restart

07/16/2014 A Japanese nuclear plant won preliminary approval Wednesday for meeting ...

Malfunction forces Czech nuclear reactor shut down

07/11/2014 An official says a Czech nuclear power plant has shut down one of its tw...

Areva’s nuclear reactor inspection team completes record number of projects

07/10/2014 Areva announced that its non-destructive examinations team, NDE Solution...

Hanul nuclear reactor OK to restart

07/09/2014 South Korea’s nuclear safety commission approved the restart of a nuclea...

Arizona utility to pay $3.25M for 2011 blackout

07/08/2014 Federal regulators say they've reached a $3.25 million settlement with a...

Wylfa nuclear reactor shuts down a week after restart

07/07/2014 A steam leak shut down a turbine at a nuclear power plant that had just ...

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