More Power Plant Operations & Maintenance News

Pumps and rotating equipment company acquires O&M business for $42mn


Sulzer announced it has completed its acquisition of two Grayson Armature businesses, Grayson Armature Large Motor Division Inc., and Grayson Armature Orange Texas Inc., for $42 million.

How Much Does Nuclear Power The World?


According to data from the World Nuclear Association, nuclear power generates 11 percent of the world's electricity.

Fuel Reliability: How it affects the industry, and one fuel vendor's journey to flawless fuel performance


Improving the reliability of nuclear fuel is grounded in a strong nuclear safety culture.

The growing consensus on higher nuclear power plant safety standards


Beijing hosted a ground-breaking nuclear safety symposium that focused on the urgent need to raise consistent global safety standards to ensure that all components of nuclear reactors are designed to withstand severe accidents.

Big Sandy coal-fired unit to remain operational, convert to natural gas


The Kentucky Public Service Commission approved a plan that will allow Kentucky Power Co. to continue generating electricity at the Big Sandy coal-fired power plant.

Sendai power plant restart good news for Japan – if it happens


Three years ago, it looked like nuclear power in Japan was a lost cause.

Alabama Power to close coal-fired units, switch others to natural gas


Alabama Power says federal regulations have forced the utility to close two coal-fired units and reduce or eliminate the use of coal at two more power plants by 2016.

AEP settles suits against three W. Va. coal-fired power plants


Proposed consent decrees were filed in two federal courts Friday to resolve allegations against three coal-fired power plants owned by American Electric Power Co.

Summer nuclear power plant back online


The single-unit V.C. Summer nuclear power plant in South Carolina is back to full power after repairs on a leaky valve were completed.

Nuclear power plant groundwater monitoring detects tritium & cobalt


Tritium and cobalt were detected in a ground water monitoring well at the Callaway nuclear power plant in Missouri.

Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant may shut down Dec. 29


Entergy Corp. (NYSE: ETR) said it has set a close date for the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

Idle wind turbine in Minnesota expected to resume operations


One of the wind turbines in Willmar, Minnesota was repaired Tuesday after it lost its nosecone in April.

Nuclear plant automation contract awarded for UK power plants


Thales was awarded a 10-year, £30 million ($37.9 million) contract to support computerized control system services at all but two EDF Energy’s UK nuclear power plants.

Underground storage radiation leak may have another cause


A radiation leak at an underground nuclear waste storage site in New Mexico may have been caused by improper packaging.

Vogtle nuclear Unit 1 automatically shuts down


Unit 1 at Plant Vogtle in Georgia automatically shut down July 27th during testing.

IHS: A drop in U.S. fuel diversity will cost reliability, jobs and money


A predicted lack of fuel diversity in the U.S. power generation industry will lead to fewer jobs, a lower gross domestic product (GDP) and less grid stability.

Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters


A U.S. science advisory report says Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident offers a key lesson to the nation's nuclear industry: Focus more on the highly unlikely but worst case scenarios.

Boundary Dam Unit 53 returns online, ahead of schedule


Boundary Dam’s generating Unit 53 has returned online after a severe electrical short disabled the unit right before peak generation.

NRC lifts order at uranium conversion facility


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has lifted a confirmatory order at the Honeywell Metropolis Works facility in Illinois.

Kudankulam nuclear Unit 2 expected to be commissioned soon


The second 1,000-MW unit at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in India is expected to be commissioned soon.