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Westinghouse Seeks DOE Investment for Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor


Westinghouse has announced it has submitted a project proposal to the Department of Energy (DOE) for a Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor (LFR) intended to make nuclear power generation safer and more flexible.

Australia May Build Westinghouse AP1000 Nuclear Reactor


Westinghouse Electric Co. signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with several companies to bring Australian suppliers into Westinghouse’s nuclear global supply chain.

Westinghouse Electric Co. Demonstrates Nuclear Power Shutdown Seal


The Westinghouse Generation III Shield Shutdown Seal was removed from service at Beaver Valley Unit 2 for the static activation test after one fuel cycle, which began in spring 2014.

Areva Supplying Nuclear Reactor Core Detectors for Arizona Power Plant


Areva Inc. will manufacture self-powered in-core detector assemblies (ICDAs) for a nuclear power plant in Arizona.

Areva, EDF to Retain Majority of Nuclear Reactor Business Unit


The French government wants Electricite de France (EDF) and Areva to preserve a 66 percent stake in Areva’s nuclear reactor building unit.

Small Fire Extinguished at TMI Nuclear Power Plant


Workers at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania declared an alert at the plant after a small fire was discovered.

Byron Nuclear Unit 1 Returns to Service


Byron Generating Station Unit 1 in Illinois returned to service after completing a scheduled refueling outage.

Some Nuclear Power Plants Underprepared for Cyber Attack, Report Says


Many nuclear power plants around the world are not well prepared to defend against cyber attacks, according to a report from international think tank Chatham House.

Nuclear Reactor Trips Offline Before Planned Outage


Unit 2 at the 2,300-MW Comanche Peak nuclear power plant in Texas was in the process of shutting down for a planned refueling outage when the steam generator 3 feed control valve failed to control in automatic or manual, which resulted in excessive feedwater flow.

Sendai 2 Nuclear Unit Set to Restart Soon


Kyushu Electric Power Co. said it completed loading fuel into 157 assemblies Sept. 13 and plans to begin final inspections Friday. Unit 1 returned to service in August.

Areva Picked for Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage at Xcel Nuclear Plants


Xcel Energy picked Areva TN to provide dry fuel storage management services to the Prairie Island and Monticello nuclear power plants in Minnesota.

GE Hitachi, DTE Energy to Advance Nuclear Reactor Design


GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) announced plans to advance the detailed design of the Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR).

NRC Completes Safety Review of Planned Nuclear Reactors


The staff at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed the final safety evaluation report for two proposed nuclear units at the South Texas Project.

Sequoyah Nuclear Reactors Can Operate Another 20 Years: NRC


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved the license renewals for units 1 and 2 of the Sequoyah nuclear power plant.

Mexico Weighs Building 2 New Nuclear Reactors


Mexico’s energy official told Reuters that studies currently under review show the potential to add two reactors to the dual-unit Laguna Verde nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Core Make-Up Tanks Delivered to Plant Vogtle Site


Two core make-up tanks and a steam generator were recently delivered to the Plant Vogtle nuclear plant site in Georgia.

Areva Boiling Water Nuclear Reactor Fuel Design Available in the US


Areva launches its next-generation boiling water nuclear reactor (BWR) fuel design in the U.S.

TVA Completes Safety Testing at Watts Bar 2 Nuclear Site


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) completed week-long tests on the safety features system for Watts Bar 2 in Tennessee.

Valve Failure Leads to White Finding at Dresden Nuclear Power Unit


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued a white finding of low- to-moderate safety significance to Unit 2 of the Dresden Nuclear Power Station in Illinois.

TerraPower, CNNC to Develop Sodium-Cooled Nuclear Reactor


TerraPower LLC signed a memorandum of understanding with China National Nuclear Corp. to collaborate on development of a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor.

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