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Nuclear power generation news and issues in the nuclear power industry, including nuclear reactors, plant upgrades and retrofits and nuclear waste management and decommissioning.

Nuclear Energy News

Beaver Valley nuclear unit taken offline for scheduled refueling, maintenance outage

04/28/2015 FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Co.’s (FENOC, NYSE: FE) 939-MW Beaver Vall...

Perry nuclear power plant resumes operations

04/27/2015 The 1,268-MW Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio returned to service follo...

Nuclear to generate up to 22% of Japan’s electricity under proposed plan

04/24/2015 Japan’s Economy, Trade and Industry ministry set a potential target for ...

Russia, Argentina sign nuclear fuel supply agreement

04/24/2015 An agreement was signed that would allow Russia-owned Rosatom to build a...

Callaway Energy Center's Replacement Reactor Vessel Closure Head Project

04/23/2015 Replacing heavy equipment is one way utilities can extend the life and i...

In With the Old

04/23/2015 Breeder reactors are not a new idea in the global nuclear industry, but ...

MOX Fuel: A Powerful Mix of Energy and Nonproliferation

04/23/2015 At the end of the Cold War, the United States and Russia began cooperati...

The Dependence Entrapment

04/23/2015 India needs to proceed with utmost caution on its civil nuclear deal wit...

NRC approves safety report for Westinghouse small modular nuclear reactor

04/23/2015 The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved Westinghouse Elect...

Safety Culture Best Practices Largely Ignored

04/23/2015 Different industries have developed their own definitions of-and approac...

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DuPont Tyvek coveralls protect nuclear decommissioning workers

Nuclear energy generates around 11 percent of the world's electricity and is used by more than 30 countries around the wor...

Enhancing the quality of safety training

Establishing sustainable sources of energy is high on the agenda of both the public and their elected representatives, and...

Engaging and informing on the politics of nuclear power

There is an abundance of broad, overarching questions that are major priorities right now when it comes to the future of e...

The future of the U.S. nuclear industry depends on collaboration

Nuclear power projects are emerging from the ground in the U.S. and several other countries around the world, including In...

Canada refurbishes the old, U.S. brings in new nuclear

While it might not be the "nuclear renaissance" envisioned a few years earlier, 2014 is seeing thousands of work...

Breaking bad: Don't let turnaround myths stall your recovery

The unpleasant revelations coming out of plants in recovery are a continual embarrassment in the nuclear business.

Educating the Public on Nuclear is Priceless

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has released several studies on how nuclear energy affects national, state and local ec...

Operating and Planned Nuclear in Asia

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