New Gas Power Plant Projects

Gas power plant project news and articles covering gas power plant construction and gas plant conversion to combined cycle and gas plant renovation.

New Gas Plant Projects News

NTE Energy Closes Financing on 475-MW Ohio Plant

10/02/2015 The new 475-MW, natural gas-fired facility in Butler County, Ohio will u...

GE Moving Wisconsin Gas Engine Manufacturing Operations to New Canadian Facility

09/30/2015 The new $265 million state-of-the-art “Brilliant Factory” will optimize ...

Texas Commission Nears Approval for Latest Air Permit for Shawnee Gas Project

09/30/2015 The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality said in a Sept. 16 notice,...

Gas Plant Updates Show Equipment, Licensing Milestones

09/30/2015 Developers of new natural gas power plants made headway with licensing, ...

GE's Digital Power Plant: Applying the Internet of Things to The Energy Industry

09/29/2015 The Digital Power Plant creates a “digital twin” of the physical power p...

GE Confirms Order of 1st Dual-Fuel H-Class Turbine in the World

09/29/2015 Expanding on GE’s announcement of its 18th and 19th H-class gas turbine ...

GE's New High-Efficiency HA Gas Turbines Bound for Projects in New Jersey, Korea

09/28/2015 GE’s new high-efficiency gas turbines will soon provide clean, reliable ...

NRG Permits Coal-to-Gas Conversion at Shawville Plant in Pennsylvania

09/28/2015 NRG REMA LLC has applied to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental...

Caterpillar Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant Planned for Minnesota

09/28/2015 Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) will install a 38.8-MW natural gas-fired po...

Siemens Presents New Lightweight Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine for Oil and Gas Industry

09/28/2015 Siemens has unveiled a new lightweight aero-derivative gas turbine optim...

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