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Black & Veatch Chosen for EPC of PSEG's Sewaren 7 Project


PSEG Power has chosen Black & Veatch to perform engineering, procurement and construction services for its new 540-MW Sewaren 7 combined-cycle power plant in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

GE Moving Wisconsin Gas Engine Manufacturing Operations to New Canadian Facility


The new $265 million state-of-the-art “Brilliant Factory” will optimize efficiency and streamline production using data, analytics and software.

Gas Plant Updates Show Equipment, Licensing Milestones


Developers of new natural gas power plants made headway with licensing, equipment and vendors during mid-to-late September, according to information gathered by GenerationHub.

GE's Digital Power Plant: Applying the Internet of Things to the Energy Industry


The Digital Power Plant creates a “digital twin” of the physical power plant, offering real-time simulation while monitoring every asset in the plant.

GE Confirms Order of 1st Dual-Fuel H-Class Turbine in the World


Expanding on GE’s announcement of its 18th and 19th H-class gas turbine orders, the company has confirmed that the new 7HA.02 gas turbine to be installed at PSEG Power’s Sewaren 7 combined-cycle power plant in New Jersey will be the first H-class turbine in the world capable of dual-fuel operation.

GE's New High-Efficiency HA Gas Turbines Bound for Projects in New Jersey, Korea


GE’s new high-efficiency gas turbines will soon provide clean, reliable power for projects on opposite sides of the globe.  The 7HA.02 gas turbines are replacing aging plants in New Jersey and Korea.

Caterpillar Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant Planned for Minnesota


Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) will install a 38.8-MW natural gas-fired power plant in Minnesota.

Siemens Presents New Lightweight Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine for Oil and Gas Industry


Siemens has unveiled a new lightweight aero-derivative gas turbine optimized for offshore applications of the oil and gas industry based on the Industrial RB211 from the former Rolls-Royce Energy portfolio.

Upgrade to California Combined-Cycle Plant to Boost Efficiency, Output


Southern California Edison has reached a multiyear agreement with General Electric to upgrade Mountainview Generating Facility, a 1,054-MW plant in Redlands, California.



Maintaining Maximum Efficiency in Power Generation Units


Virtually everyone in the power, chemical process, and other industries is no doubt aware of the greatly expanded efforts to lower carbon dioxide emissions from industrial sources.

Turbine Oils: A Key Factor in System Reliability


In a recent Shell global survey, turbine oil end users indicated that their biggest concern was unplanned downtime during turbine operation.

Improving the Flexibility and Efficiency of Gas Turbine-Based Distributed Power Plants


For the past 100 years across most of the world, consumers have received their electricity from large central power plants, which provide energy to the entire system from a single location via a network of transmission lines.

Renewable Energy - Pushing Gas Turbine Components to Their Cycling Limit!


The increasing integration of renewable energy sources into generation portfolios has meant changes in dispatch, and many traditionally base-loaded assets are being forced to load follow and on-off cycle, as seen in many gas turbine and combined-cycle arrangements across the country.

Siemens Supplying Gas Turbine Equipment to Maryland Power Project


Siemens is supplying the main components for a 735-MW natural gas-fired power plant in Maryland to SNC-Lavalin Constructors Inc.

New Simple-Cycle Plant Supports Renewables, Powers Irrigation in Texas


The Golden Spread Electric Cooperative today cut the ribbon on its Elk Station power plant near Lubbock, Texas. The 202-MW facility began commercial operation June 12, 2015 and now celebrates the successful validation of all technical metrics.

GE to Provide Biomass Energy Equipment for California Power Plant


Phoenix Energy and Western Energy Systems will use GE’s gasifier, gas conditioning system and engine to convert excess forest biomass to electricity, heat and biochar, a mostly solid state of carbon.

MHPSA Gas Turbine Chosen for New 525-MW Facility in Ohio


NTE Energy’s Middletown Energy Center in Middletown, Ohio is slated to go online April 2018. NTE chose MHPSA’s M501GAC gas turbine for the facility, which is expected to produce enough electricity to serve 400,000 homes.

GE Ships Gas Engine GenSet to Texas Power Plant


GE (NYSE: GE) has shipped the sixth and final gas engine for the Sky Global Power One power plant in Texas.

Siemens signs contract with Thailand for 18 industrial gas turbines


The units -- purchased by TEC Project Services Corporation (TPS), a subsidiary of the Japanese Toyo Engineering Corporation (TEC) -- are being installed at nine combined-cycle cogeneration power plants.  Once installed, the gas turbines will offer a total capacity of 1,100 MW.