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Kentucky coal-fired power plant set to host $19.5mn carbon capture system


A $19.5 million carbon capture pilot project is set to be located at Kentucky Utilities’ E.W. Brown Generating Station.

Utilities to host carbon lab at Wyoming power plant


Two electric utilities say they're interested in hosting a proposed lab to test out carbon capture technologies at a working power plant in Wyoming.

America's Best Coal Plants


Which U.S. coal plants have the lowest emission rates and which plants boast the best heat rates? Find out in this article about America's cleanest coal-fired power plants.

Executives Discuss the Future of Coal in North America


Our annual roundtable discussion examines the future of coal-fired generation in North America. Topics include efforts to comply with EPA regulations, the outlook for carbon capture and storage technologies and efforts to boost the flexibility of coal-fired plants.

Renewables Don't Need EPA's Help


Since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its proposed carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions rules for existing U.S. power plants in June, many have speculated on what the rules could mean for the coal, nuclear and renewables industries.

Black & Veatch to provide engineering services for Oklahoma project


Northeast Oklahoma's Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) selected Black & Veatch to providen engineering services for a 495-MW combined cycle unit near Chouteau, Oklahoma.

Three Big Questions about Obama's Carbon Rule


On June 2, the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled the first ever limit for greenhouse gas emissions from existing U.S. power plants.

House panel approves stripping EPA of CO2-control money


The Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee on July 15 approved the fiscal year 2015 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill on a vote of 29-19.

Texas clean coal project adds Chinese project partner


Summit Power Group signed two agreements that introduced a new project partner on Summit’s Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP) and created an alliance between TCEP and China’s clean fossil fuel power plant, China Huaneng’s GreenGen.

Carbon capture project planned for coal-fired unit in Texas


Petra Nova Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) has formed a 50/50 joint venture with a subsidiary of JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corp. to build a $1 billion carbon capture project in Texas.

China, US differ on global plan to cut emissions


China and the United States took small steps toward their shared goal of fighting climate change on Wednesday, but the world's No. 1 and No. 2 carbon emitters remain significantly apart over a wider global plan to cut emissions.

TVA seeks public comment on proposed coal-to-gas conversion


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is seeking public comment on its draft Environmental Assessment that proposes a natural gas-fired power plant to replace a coal-fired plant.


PNM plans for more renewable energy


New Mexico's largest electricity provider says it expects to add significant renewable energy resources to its portfolio in the coming years.

Video: Holmstead sees EPA CO2 plan being overturned; Tierney hails potential for regional cooperation


Power industry lawyer Jeffrey Holmstead believes the plans that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has forwarded to reduce carbon dioxide from the power sector are legally flawed an likely to be overturned in the courts.

OPPD to shut down coal units, convert others to natural gas


The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) plans to retire three of the oldest coal-fired generating units at the North Omaha Station.

Black & Veatch to install natural gas-fired unit, retrofit coal-fired unit


Black & Veatch was picked to provide engineering services to install a $400 million combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant for the Grand River Dam Authority in Oklahoma.

Is Your Gen-Set Engine Ready or Not?


Whether they're protecting hospital operating rooms or providing distributed power, diesel generator set engines must be ready when called upon. This article examines proper diesel generator-drive engine maintenance and its role in ensuring performance and longevity.

Understanding Generator Set Ratings for Maximum Performance and Reliability


Selecting a generator set can be confusing. You can ensure your gen-set's required performance by aligning your requirement with the proper gen-set ratings. Power Engineering examines the right standards and ratings for your specific needs.

GHG Emission Controls Affect Power Generation Economics


The economics of power generation continue to change, driven by demand for new power generation and supply uncertainty, demand for and prices of fossil fuels, development and emergence of renewable energy, and uncertainties about prospects for nuclear power generation.

Duke Energy, EPA sign Dan River cleanup agreement


Duke Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have signed an agreement over the cleanup of coal ash that flowed into the Dan River after a stormwater pipe broke at the company's retired Dan River coal-fired power plant in North Carolina, on Feb. 2.