New Coal Projects

The latest coal projects for new coal power plant construction and plant renovation in North America.

New Coal Project News

EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook: NatGas Generation Tops Coal in July

10/06/2015 For just the second time in history, gas-fired power generation surpasse...

Xcel Suggests Early Retirement of 2 Sherco Coal Units, Combined-Cycle Replacement

10/05/2015 Xcel Energy (NYSE: XEL), due in part to the U.S. Environmental Protectio...

Georgia Power Permanently Closing All 29 of Company's Ash Ponds

10/02/2015 Georgia Power is preparing to permanently close all 29 of the company’s ...

NRG Permits Coal-to-Gas Conversion at Shawville Plant in Pennsylvania

09/28/2015 NRG REMA LLC has applied to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental...

Swedish Utility Vattenfall Sells German Coal Plants

09/22/2015 Vattenfall AB says it is selling off its German coal plants, a major sou...

Court Clears Duke Energy Plan to Clean More Coal-Ash Pits

09/15/2015 Duke Energy has asked to add three power plants to the list of four plan...

Kansas Gets 1st Combined-Cycle Power Plant with Conversion of Coal-Fired Plant

09/11/2015 Empire District Electric Co.’s Riverton Power Plant is in the process of...

Broad Ohio Coalition Wants Renewable Energy Targets Restored

09/09/2015 A broad coalition of state business, health, community and environmental...

Petrovietnam selects GE's high-efficiency steam turbines for new coal-fired power plant

09/01/2015 GE is supplying two sets of high-efficiency steam turbines and generator...

US construction spending reaches highest level in 7 years

09/01/2015 U.S. construction spending in July climbed to its highest level in more ...

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