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Wireless at Power Plants


Where would the world be without wireless? We rely on hand-held wireless devices to keep us closer to family and up-to-date with anything from the stock market to movie times.

Solar energy plant to use Alstom turbine


Alstom will supply a 125 MW steam turbine and a generator for a thermal solar plant in Nevada that will be owned by Cobra Thermosolar Plants Inc.

Wind turbine generators to be developed by GE and DOE


GE has begun work on the first phase of a two-year, $3 million project with the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a wind turbine generator that could support large-scale wind projects in the 10 to 15 MW range.

Natural gas capacity adds to Mexico power supply


GE will supply two Frame 7FA gas turbines and long-term services for the 423 MW Norte II combined cycle power plant in Mexico.

Natural gas and biofuel engine relaunched by GE


Following a redesign and testing, GE introduced its Waukesha 1 MW APG1000 gas engine that can use a wider variety of biogases, including from landfills, wastewater treatment plants and agricultural waste.

Wind energy project picks EPC contractor


Wind Capital Group LLC selected RMT Inc. to design and build its 150 MW Osage County Wind Energy Facility in Oklahoma.

Wind turbine investments expected to double by 2025, study says


Wind turbine investments are expected to more than double by 2025 despite continued economic turmoil.

Combined-cycle power plants to be built by Siemens in Thailand


Siemens Energy will design, procure and construct two $1 billion, 800 MW combined-cycle power plants in Thailand.

Plant optimization manufacturer gains partner in Siemens

08/16/2011 Siemens Energy and Mikro Systems Inc. signed a licensing agreement to improve the performance of natural gas-fired turbines through new airfoil designs.

Coal-fired power plant to use KBR emissions control system


KBR signed a contract to install emissions control equipment on two 880 MW coal-fired units at Southern Co.’s 3,520 MW Plant Scherer in Georgia.

Wind energy project receives $102mn loan guarantee


The U.S. Department of Energy finalized a $102 million loan guarantee to Record Hill Wind LLC for a 50.6 MW wind energy farm in Maine.

Small-scale wind turbines headed for Vietnam


Xzeres Corp. received a letter of intent for a $3.2 million wind turbine order from a Vietnamese customer following the completion of a pilot installation earlier in 2011.

Wind O&M contract signed by enXco


EnXco Service Corp., a unit of EDF Energies Nouvelles Co., signed a long-term O&M agreement with Roth Rock Wind LLC for the 50 MW wind power project in Maryland.

Carbon dioxide streams excluded from EPA hazardous regulations


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule that would exclude from hazardous waste regulations captured carbon dioxide (CO2) streams that are injected into underground wells designed for geologic sequestration.

Rethinking Wind Power


Wind farm power output can be increased at least tenfold by optimizing how turbines are placed on a given plot of land, say researchers at the California Institute of Technology, who have been conducting a field study at an experimental two-acre wind farm in northern Los Angeles County.

Power Plant Condition Monitoring


Modern power plants depend heavily on rotating machines such as steam turbines, gas turbines, generators and so on. To maximize power plant profit, rotating machines of power generation trains should be operated with maximum reliability, maximum capacity, maximum efficiency and minimum operating and maintenance costs.

Room for Improvement


The issue of varnish is an old one, but the lubricants used to clean and prevent it have changed over the past two decades.

Building a Workforce-sustainable Wind Farm


A lot of people talk about "sustainability" but there seems to be little agreement on exactly what that term means. Using renewable power sources, such as wind, is a part of sustainability.

Oregon State LEEDS the Nation in Energy Efficiency


January 2011 was a good month for Oregon's two leading public universities. On Jan. 11, only a last second field goal kept the University of Oregon from winning the national collegiate football championship. Five days earlier, Oregon State University's (OSU) Facilities Services Department received LEED Platinum
certification for its new energy center, one of the first power plants in the nation to achieve that standard.

Coal-fired gasifiers order booked by Siemens


Siemens Energy has signed a contract to deliver eight, 500 MW coal gasifiers to a coal gasification plant in China.