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EPA holds public meetings on Clean Power Plan

07/23/2014 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold four hearings in two-days on the proposed Clean Power Plan during the week of Ju...

Missouri town to end coal use at two power plants

07/23/2014 The Independence City Council on July 18 passed a proposed resolution directing the end of coal use at two power plants owned and operate...

FutureGen clean coal power project wins appeals court ruling

07/22/2014 A three-judge panel of the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that utilities can be required to impose a surcharge on customers’ bills to hel...
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Kentucky coal-fired power plant set to host $19.5mn carbon capture system


A $19.5 million carbon capture pilot project is set to be located at Kentucky Utilities’ E.W. Brown Generating Station.

Utilities to host carbon lab at Wyoming power plant

07/18/2014 Two electric utilities say they're interested in hosting a proposed lab to test out carbon capture technologies at a working power plant ...

Powering Up an Age Old Design


Verisurf Software helps power companies reverse engineer steam turbine rotor assemblies to support new and improved bladding.

Under Construction

07/17/2014 Gas-fired generation in the U.S. is projected to grow 3.1 percent a year through 2038. Learn more about a handful of gas-fired projects u...

Successful Coal Ash Pond Management

07/17/2014 Under new rules from the EPA, coal-fired plants in the U.S. will be forced to close their coal-ash storage ponds. What are the best strat...

America's Best Coal Plants

07/17/2014 Which U.S. coal plants have the lowest emission rates and which plants boast the best heat rates? Find out in this article about America'...

Executives Discuss the Future of Coal in North America

07/17/2014 Our annual roundtable discussion examines the future of coal-fired generation in North America. Topics include efforts to comply with EPA...

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