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Coal power generation news in the coal industry covering new projects, clean coal technologies, emissions control, retrofits and upgrades.

Coal Energy News

Business leaders throw support behind coal plant proposal

05/22/2015 Business leaders on Thursday outlined the economic devastation they say could come if New Mexico regulators fail to approve a plan to shu...

TVA seeks public comment for future coal ash storage at Bull Run

05/22/2015 The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is asking for public input on plans to expand dry onsite storage of ash and other coal combustion pr...

Callaway Energy Center's Replacement Reactor Vessel Closure Head Project

05/21/2015 Replacing heavy equipment is one way utilities can extend the life and increase the reliability of their existing nuclear plants. As part...

Achieving Optimal Economic Benefit from Air Inlet Cooling

05/21/2015 Gas turbines have been widely deployed in industrial applications for decades and are used to produce the power to drive propellers, pump...

Who Owns the 'Risk' in First-of-a-Kind Gas Turbine Technology?


Over the past decade there have been tremendous advances in gas turbine technologies that boost both unit size and efficiency.

Sealing the Deal to Great Performance

05/21/2015 Today, more than ever, peaking power demands are on the increase across the country. Due to substantial growth in renewable generation, g...

Electrical cooperative pulls out of Kemper power plant deal

05/21/2015 The entity that procures power for many Mississippi electric cooperatives Wednesday pulled out of a deal to buy 15 percent of the $6.2 bi...

Solvay and Enirgi Chemicals form joint venture

05/20/2015 Solvay and Enirgi Chemicals have created a 50-50 joint venture to speed up the development and offering of sodium bicarbonate based produ...

Obama frames global warming as national security threat

05/20/2015 President Barack Obama is framing the challenges of climate change as a matter of national security that threatens to aggravate poverty a...

Hickenlooper rejects GOP call to ignore EPA coal rules

05/20/2015 Gov. John Hickenlooper rejected Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's call for states to defy new federal pollution controls on coal-b...

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