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NRC: DOE’s Yucca Mountain R&D meet NRC requirements


The staff of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) published Volume 4 of its safety evaluation report on a proposed underground used nuclear fuel repository in Nevada.

EPA expected to treat coal ash waste like garbage


Environmentalists and industry experts widely expect the first federal standards for the waste generated from coal burned for electricity to treat the ash like household garbage, rather than a hazardous material.

Land, water rights needed for Nevada nuclear dump


The federal Energy Department will need to acquire water and land rights before it gets approval to entomb the nation's most radioactive waste beneath a mountain in the Nevada desert, according to a report released Thursday by an the agency being asked to license the project.

NRC delays approval of Callaway's license renewal


Federal officials are delaying a decision on issuing a 20-year extension for the Callaway County nuclear power plant.

Check out these highlights during Power Generation Week


More than 22,000 industry professionals from around the world gathered in Orlando for Power Generation Week, where innovative and cost-effective solutions for maintaining, operating and building new power generation were shared. More than 1,400 exhibiting companies from every sector of the industry showcased their products and services on the exhibit floor.

Kudankulam nuclear units to be up and running by 2021


India’s government says units 3 and 4 of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project are scheduled to begin commissioning in 2020 and 2021.

Moody’s sees stable 2015 for public power sector


Despite anxiety over the financial impact of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plant to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, Moody's Investors Service is upbeat about the outlook for public power utilities in 2015.

Recovery project for Kingston ash spill nears completion


Clean up efforts, from the 2008 Kingston Fossil Plant coal ash spill, is near completion.

DOC imposes additional tariffs on solar panels from China, Taiwan


The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has announced it will impose tariffs on solar photovoltaic (PV) modules imported from China and Taiwan.

Two more nuclear reactors OK to restart in Japan


Japanese nuclear regulators approved the restart of two more reactors in the country totaling 1.7-GW in generating capacity.

Kansas firm moves ahead on wind as rule is debated


Kansas' largest electric company announced plans Tuesday to buy power from a wind farm under development to meet a state renewable-energy mandate, as legislators prepared for another debate over repealing the requirement.

Boeing 737 factory to move to clean energy


Boeing said Tuesday it plans to buy renewable energy credits to replace fossil-fuel power at the factory in Washington state where it assembles its 737 commercial airplanes.

J-Power requests safety checks for nuclear MOX fuel project in Japan


A company is the first to apply for safety checks at a nuclear power plant that is under construction in Japan.

EPA unveils SO2 scrubber-reliant haze plan for Texas


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing new regional haze SO2 reduction requirements for Texas based on a series of presumed scrubber installations and scrubber upgrades on 14 coal-fired power plant units.

EPSA worries about impact of state CO2 plans on interstate markets


As a representative for competitive generators, Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) President and CEO John Shelk likes to say that his organization is “fuel neutral,” meaning that it does not play favorites among fuel sources for electric power.

Duke to repair leaky pipe at coal ash dump near Charlotte


North Carolina environmental officials said Thursday that they have approved plans by Duke Energy to drain contaminated wastewater from a huge coal ash dump near Charlotte to repair a leaking pipe.

NY court says nuke plant exempt from state program


The Indian Point nuclear power plant on the lower Hudson River is exempt from New York state's coastal management program, a midlevel state court has ruled.

Broaching the Baseload Issue: Finding Hybrid Solutions to Stabilize the Grid


As increasing amounts of variable renewable energy penetrate the grid, utility operators are scrambling to figure out how to balance power loads. Sources like wind and solar cannot be controlled, so when the sun is out or the wind is blowing, power ramps up and has the potential to overload the grid — when it is cloudy or still, there is a potential lack of power as grid operators struggle to engage other sources.

Duke Energy announces progress in coal ash management, ash basin closures


Duke Energy's (NYSE: DUK) Senior Vice President of Ash Strategy, John Elnitsky, updated North Carolina legislators on the company's progress to meet the Coal Ash Management Act (CAMA) on Wednesday.

Nuclear Here to Stay, Both in the U.S. and Globally, Says Industry Expert


Nuclear power is by far the best low-carbon, high-power-density generation source currently available. So said John DeBruin, vice president of Nuclear Engineering at URS Corporation, in his fact-filled presentation at Power Generation Week yesterday morning.