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Allison Macfarlane is leaving the U.S. NRC

10/21/2014 Allison Macfarlane, chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (...

Japan’s trade minister says he will continue with nuclear restarts

10/21/2014 Japan’s newly appointed Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry says he ...

Need Reliability? Focus on Infrastructure, Not Harmony

10/21/2014 The use of natural gas-generated electricity has grown substantially in ...

EPA gathering information on proposed power plant rules

10/21/2014 As the Dec. 1 deadline for the comment period on the U.S. Environmental ...

Dominion could spend $6bn on CO2 compliance in Virginia

10/20/2014 Staff at the Virginia agency charged with regulating electric utilities ...

Report: Nuclear waste repository design meets NRC requirements after shutdown

10/16/2014 The latest evaluation of a geologic nuclear waste repository in Nevada s...

Rhode Island Governor signs renewables energy legislation

10/16/2014 Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has signed renewable energy legislation...

Some states fear ‘2020 cliff’ under EPA Clean Power Plan

10/15/2014 While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plan seeks t...

French gov’t to oust EDF CEO, proposes predecessor

10/15/2014 The French government said it is looking to name a new chief executive o...

Georgia lawmakers consider new power plant rules

10/14/2014 Georgia lawmakers heard contrasting views Thursday on how the state coul...

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