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Russell Ray
Managing Editor

The Power Points blog, written by Russell Ray, managing editor of Power Engineering, covers all forms of power generation, including coal, gas, nuclear and renewable. It examines a wide range of issues and advancements in pricing, policy and technology. You can follow Russell on Twitter @RussellRay1.

EPA Rule Problematic

Fri Oct 10 10:34:00 CDT 2014
Like death and taxes, there are certain inescapable realities of operating a power plant. For example, coal-fired plants often exceed emission limits during startup, shutdown or malfunction (SSM). Similar to an engine in ...

POWER-GEN 2014 is Almost Here

Thu Oct 02 13:05:00 CDT 2014
It’s the largest annual forum for the power generation industry. More than 21,000 industry professionals from around the world will gather in Orlando for POWER-GEN International, where innovative and cost-effective soluti...

Why Should You Care About Coal?

Wed Sep 03 14:53:00 CDT 2014
As masses of arctic air swept down from the North Pole to engulf much of the U.S. last winter, the nation’s fleet of coal-fired power plants was called on to keep us warm amid frigid temperatures spawned by what’s popularl...

The Solution to Climate Change

Tue Aug 12 15:24:00 CDT 2014
By most accounts, capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from a commercial-scale power plant is a risky undertaking due to the cost, liability and questions about the process. But carbon capture and storage (CCS) tech...

Nuclear Matters

Sharryn Dotson, associate editor of Nuclear Power International magazine, is the author of the Nuclear Matters blog. She has a B.A. in journalism from Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich. and previously was the Online Editor for Power Engineering. Follow Sharryn on Twitter @Sharryn_Dotson.

Execs: Collaboration is key to success of U.S. nuclear industry

Mon Sep 29 16:25:00 CDT 2014
I recently spoke with four executives from Entergy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Westinghouse Electric Co. and NuScale Power LLC to discuss the present and future of the U.S. industry. The executives all spoke optimistically...

Countdown begins to Projects of the Year deadline!

Mon Aug 04 16:40:00 CDT 2014
August 31 is the last day to apply for the Projects of the Year and Woman of the Year awards, which you can do by clicking here. The awards are given for Best Coal, Best Nuclear, Best Natural Gas and Best Renewable Energy ...

Despite Sanctions, Russia's Blazing A Nuclear Trail

Thu Jul 17 11:45:00 CDT 2014
As of mid-July 2014, Russia has signed nine nuclear cooperative agreements with countries all over the world, including Vietnam, Brazil, Finland, India and Iran. A Russian-led consortium was also in the running to build ne...

Generating Interest

Justin Martino, an associate editor of Power Engineering, has a B.A. and J.D. from the University of Oklahoma. He has previously covered the Oklahoma Legislature and the Oklahoma and U.S. courts as well as regulation issues at the state and federal levels.

Investing in an installed base

Thu Mar 27 14:39:00 CDT 2014
New gas-fired power plants have many advantages for power producers: New technology is allowing new plants to reduce emissions, have faster starts and be more efficient than ever before. Unfortunately, with price tags reac...

Strong year predicted for wind power

Fri Jan 31 16:29:00 CST 2014
Although the amount of installed wind power capacity in the U.S. decreased in 2013, the true indicator for wind power in 2013 is the more than 12,000 MW of capacity currently under construction. That’s more capacity under ...

Gas a natural fit for California, but comes with challenges

Thu Aug 08 15:36:00 CDT 2013
With the unexpected retirement of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station in June, utilities in Southern California are looking to fill a 2,200 MW power generation hole. For most utilities, the answer is going to be the ...
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