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Russell Ray
Managing Editor

The Power Points blog, written by Russell Ray, managing editor of Power Engineering, covers all forms of power generation, including coal, gas, nuclear and renewable. It examines a wide range of issues and advancements in pricing, policy and technology. You can follow Russell on Twitter @RussellRay1.

The Debate over Distributed Generation

As electric utilities reel from significant revenue losses caused by the growth of distributed generation – power produced outside the grid by homes and businesses – power professionals remain deeply divided over the bread...

Who Will Replace Power's Aging Workforce?

Every sector of the energy industry is expected to lose a large share of its work force as millions of experienced professionals, baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964, become eligible for retirement over the next few ye...

Clean Power Plan is a "Glorious Mess"

We have learned a lot about the effects of the Environmental Protection Agency’s controversial Clean Power Plan since it was first introduced back in June. State regulators in Virginia say the plan will cost Dominion Virg...

EPA Rule Problematic

Like death and taxes, there are certain inescapable realities of operating a power plant. For example, coal-fired plants often exceed emission limits during startup, shutdown or malfunction (SSM). Similar to an engine in ...

Nuclear Matters

Sharryn Dotson, associate editor of Nuclear Power International magazine, is the author of the Nuclear Matters blog. She has a B.A. in journalism from Wayne State University in Detroit, Mich. and previously was the Online Editor for Power Engineering. Follow Sharryn on Twitter @Sharryn_Dotson.

Safety, advanced reactors and policies to drive nuclear in 2015

The year 2014 ended on a relatively high point for the global nuclear energy industry. Japan approved the restart of two nuclear power plants, the DOE opened funding for advanced nuclear reactor technology research and dev...

Execs: Collaboration is key to success of U.S. nuclear industry

I recently spoke with four executives from Entergy, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Westinghouse Electric Co. and NuScale Power LLC to discuss the present and future of the U.S. industry. The executives all spoke optimistically...

Countdown begins to Projects of the Year deadline!

August 31 is the last day to apply for the Projects of the Year and Woman of the Year awards, which you can do by clicking here. The awards are given for Best Coal, Best Nuclear, Best Natural Gas and Best Renewable Energy ...
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