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        I receive a free subscription to Power Engineering, and since I am not a typical reader (I'm a high school teacher), I wanted to thank PennWell for this and describe how I am using the magazine.

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      • The War on Coal – Round 2

        During his first four-year term, President Barack Obama's policies compelled power producers to plan the retirement of 15 percent of the nation's coal-fired generation capacity and killed the scope for building new capacity fired by coal.

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    • Clearing the Air

      • Mathematical Properties of the Clean Air Act

        Politics are fickle. Regardless of which candidate won the 2012 presidential election (I'm writing this at the end of September, so I don't know the winner yet.), there will be change in how electric generation emissions are regulated and how utility companies are treated by the EPA.

    • Gas Generation

      • A Risky Approach for the CO2 New Source Performance Standard

        The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) aggressive approach to regulating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is exemplified by its April New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) proposal to regulate CO2 from almost all new fossil fuelled electric generating units (EGUs).

    • View on Renewables

    • Nuclear Reactions

    • Industry Watch

      • The Pathway to Commercializing CCS

        Coal power generation in the U.S. stands at a crossroads. Abundant low-cost natural gas, federal environmental requirements and uncertainty over future regulation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are driving the closure of older, less-efficient coal units and cancellation of planned investments in new coal generation capacity.

    • Managing the Plant

      • Visiting LG&E's Newest Power Plant

        About 50 miles northeast of Louisville, Ky., in a rural district on about 2,200 acres along the banks of the Ohio River is the Trimble County power station.

    • What Works

      • Playing Hard to Get

        The pursuit of non-conventional sources of oil and gas requires that valves, bearings and other components be able to withstand the highly abrasive materials they process.

    • Products

      • Arc flash protection system

        The ABB Low Voltage Products division has released TVOC-2, a new generation of its proprietary Arc Guard System that protects electrical equipment from dangerous electrical arc flashes.

    • Generating Buzz

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Dynamic Fluoride Ion cleaning DFIC of industrial natural gas turbines Hi-Tech Furnace Systems

Dynamic Fluoride Ion Cleaning of IGT Parts

The Dynamic Fluoride Ion Cleaning (DFIC) Process from Hi-Tech Furnace Systems is able to clean deep, narrow cracks of oxides by cycling between negative, atmospheric, and positive pressure.

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Ready for Summer Heat

Ready for Summer Heat

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Blue Earth Announces Formation of E2B Growth, Inc. as a YieldCo Vehicle

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Ardagh Group, Glass - North America Awarded Six ENERGY STAR(R) Plant Certifications

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Pacific Energy Development Confirms Talks to Sell Rare Earth Interest

XFuels LLC Is Acquired by Converde Energy

XFuels LLC Is Acquired by Converde Energy

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