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Volume 6, Issue 6
  • Nucleus

    • Nuclear Executive Roundtable

      Low natural gas prices, an increase in the use of renewable energy and the high upfront costs of nuclear have dominated the headlines, but many in the nuclear industry believe these are just temporary setbacks.

    • Callaway Turbine Trip - Failure of Isolated Phase Bus System

      At 11:19 p.m. on July 26, 2013, Callaway Nuclear Plant operation technicians performed the monthly swap-over of the dual redundant isolated phase bus (iso phase bus, or IPB) cooling fans.

  • Case Study

    • Nuclear Plant Automates Calls for Help

      "The first thing we heard was the rumbling and then we felt the shaking, and then heard and felt the shaking continue," said Jason Russell, a control room supervisor on duty at Dominion's North Anna Power Station in central Virginia on August 23, 2011, the day a 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck.

  • Technology

    • Using Lasers in Decommissioning

      "H igher-power lasers are predominately used for fabrication, but sometimes we use them for slightly off-the-wall applications," said Dr. Jon Blackburn, Section Manager - Laser and Sheet Processes with TWI.

  • Departments

    • Enrichment

      • Why Can't We Be Friends?

        "The color of your skin don't matter to me, as long as we can live in harmony." - WAR, "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

    • Fuel for Thought

      • Innovation Up My Sleeve

        Stress corrosion cracking in nuclear power plants has resulted in significant maintenance expenses for repair and replacement, and continues to challenge materials management programs across the industry.

    • News

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